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Pledge Music Campaign: Bloody Rain (Pledge link to follow shortly)

This is an invitation to all my friends and fans in the UK and Italy, and from around the world, to pledge funds to enable the next album to be made. Bloody Rain (working title) is influenced by African music, and recordings with the band have started already, with hopes to complete in February/March 2014.

Dominic Miller (nylon string guitar), Tony Remy (acoustic guitar) Martyn Barker (percussion) and Henry Thomas (acoustic bass guitar) form the band. Brass arrangements are by Pee Wee Ellis and Annie Whitehead, with Whitehead (trombone), Michael Rosen (soprano and tenor sax) and John Eacott (trumpet) making up the brass section. This is an immensely talented team, many of whom have world-wide reputations.
Pledge Campaign Concert: Sounds of Africa, The Hippodrome Leicester Square, Thursday 24th April 2014. Pledgers are invited to an exclusive concert at the West End’s outstanding new venue. The concert will preview the then newly completed Sounds of Africa, and will feature many African guest musicians. The songs and music will do much to celebrate the people of Africa, while issuing an urgent call to action to right the wrongs they suffer. Songs about oppression, exploitation, ignorance and cruelty must never mask their purpose: to help dignify the lives of those who suffer and are oppressed and to celebrate their courage and wisdom.

This album deals with love, pain, Human Rights, contraception, rape, corruption, honor killings, childhood, homophobia. It should also reflect the humanity of those involved, both of the oppressed and also of the oppressors. Thus our art attempts to illuminate injustice.

In a parallel project, I am collaborating with the extraordinary virtuoso guitarist Antonio Forcione. Our album is written, two songs already recorded, and one, Comfort Zone, will be available as a video, made with my brother Rod Morris who, as a photographer, has been responsible for the images used on many of my previous albums, and whose recent film The Beautiful Factory won an award at the Montpellier International Festival. Antonio and I continue to tour in the UK and Europe, developing our act and fine-tuning the rapport we have achieved together. Our plans include tours to the USA and Canada, and to Australia and Japan. The album should be ready for release by autumn 2014. All online gambling destinations are different from each other. Hence, the method used to claim the no deposit casino bonus will also be unique to the house a player chooses to play in.

I continue to work with my dear friend Ian Shaw, many times winner of and universally acclaimed as Best Jazz Vocalist, doing concerts in the UK and Italy. We are next together at the Purcell Rooms on 10th December and again in Parma on 19th December. Ian is as funny as he is hugely talented, and working with him is a delight.

I will try and update this page regularly so you see how these projects are progressing. Thank you for your continual support.

Yours in music
Sarah Jane Morris
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