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Imagine No War - Fundraiser

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Released  2022
Format  MP3


John Lennon’s Imagine is one of the great standards of popular music; idealistic, humanist, anti-war, it has become a song for all times. With my wonderful guitar player and long-time collaborator Tony Rémy I have written a sequel to Lennon’s masterwork, entitled No War In My Name. “Imagine” is musically re-imagined segueing smoothly with our spikey wake-up call, “No war…”. Lennon’s words of hope are coupled with our words of urgency that right must prevail over the hideous inhumanity and suffering which drive people to face other perils in their efforts to escape.

Tony and I could not remain silent in the face of human catastrophe. We always try to raise awareness with our music, and the plight of refugees has been prominent in our focus for years. War in Europe has brought this even closer to home, and we have gathered our musical friends and colleagues to contribute.

The list of some of the country’s best musicians who gave their time and expertise for free is as follows:

  • Sarah Jane Morris all vocals/ co production and co writer
  • Tony Remy acoustic guitar/electric guitar and arrangement and co production and co writer
  • Tim Cansfield nylon string guitar
  • Marcus Bonfanti slide guitar
  • Henry Thomas acoustic bass guitar
  • Martyn Barker drums and percussion
  • Jason Rebello on piano and keyboards
  • Sally Herbert string arrangement
  • Joe Cang mixing
  • Michael Sherchen @ Mix Factory mastering

My dear friend the sand artist Paola Saracini has made the video above to the track. You can find Paola at:

100% of moneys raised is given to bona fide refugee support organisations all over the world.

Here in UK, we are participating with Refugee Support in awareness- and fund-raising.

Please use an option below to pay a donation and download this track.

You can also buy a T shirt or tote bag available only here, with the words 'No War in My Name Only Peace in My Name' on the front and the same words in 18 different languages on the back. The money raised by this merchandise will be given to different refugee charities each month. This month (May) they go to Side by Side By Refugees.

Yours in Music, Love and Peace
Sarah Jane Morris xxxx

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