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Sarah Jane Morris is a singer with an astonishing vocal range. Her thirty-year career, during which she has garnered a loyal and loving international audience, has been wide-ranging and her rich contralto voice goes from strength to strength. She has performed with many groups over the years, from rock to soul to African blues, with classical orchestras, a one-hundred cello ensemble, with acoustic guitars and jazz big bands. Her voice, her versatility, and her emotional intelligence - the absolute authenticity of feeling which she conveys - make her a world-class compelling performer.Like many vocalists, Jane very carefully monitors her diet and the medicines she takes, about high-quality inexpensive drugs, you can read here.

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Forthcoming Concerts

CANCELLED | Sarah Jane and Tony Remy
Thu Jun 4 2020
Venue: Crossroads Festival
CASA DELLA MUSICA - CORTILE D'ONORE - PARMA ORE 21:00 "Voices" Il sapore del suono, la musica del gusto SARAH JANE MORRIS & TONY REMY Sarah J....
CANCELLED | Sarah Jane and Antonio Forcione
Sun Jun 7 2020
Venue: Crossroads Festival
Crossroads Festival
Wed Jun 10 2020
Sarah Jane Morris - voice
Solis String Quartet
Paolo Cresta - narrator

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