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The Sisterhood (Pre-order)


Released  2024
Format  CD/LP
Label  Fallen Angel


The Sisterhood is ten songs I have written with my right hand man Tony Remy about the lives of ten female singers and singer-songwriters who have inspired me over the years and who have made their marks on musical history.

Bessie, Billie, Miriam, Nina, Aretha, Janis, Joni, Ricky-Lee, Annie, Kate – who needs a second name in company like this?

Pioneers of Music, we have respectfully researched the lives of these women who were/are all great artists and great cultural transformers. My lyrics tell their stories, as does the music we have created for each song, using the characteristic genre and stylistic markers appropriate to each artist. We fell in love with each one of these extraordinary women as we gained insights into their lives, their minds and the challenges they faced … and I am sure that you will too. We are excited to finally see the project come to life. Now is you chance to experience the same joy and excitement listening to it as we had making it.

Pre-orders available as CD, LP & special edition LP


The CD comes with a 16 page lyric booklet packed in a digi pack format.


Released on International Women’s Day 8th March 2024 the vinyl is a 2LP limited edition pressing of 300 copies. Each with full colour inner bags and a gatefold sleeve, the fourth side contains two extra remixes of “Sisterhood’ the song for Aretha and ‘Junk in My Trunk’ the song for Billie.

These mixes are unavailable elsewhere so this is a real collectors item. Also included is a free download version of the album for which a link will be sent to you which will be activated on release date.

Special Edition LP

This very special version of the double album is only 10 copies, each with a handwritten lyric sheet by Sarah Jane for one of the 10 songs. Each one is a unique collector’s item.

If you pre order the vinyl you will also get a link to a free download of the album, that will be activated on release.

Please note you will not be able to choose which song you receive the lyrics sheet for, as these will be picked at random.

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