2008 - Italy

Gazzetta Da Parma

English Translation

A powerful voice: Sarah Jane Morris

The English singer with an enchanting and moving voice, who makes the audience dance

Federico Arcuri

Last Sunday night, the series of events of the 'Talenti a contatto' musical show started off in the wonderful setting of parco Eridania. DJ Robi Bonardi and Senza Sipario paid homage to the evening with their performances, followed by the talented vocalist Samantha Vitali, who successfully prepared the audience for the main event: the performance of the famous English singer and interpreter Sarah Jane Morris. By then, it was 10pm when the red flamed-haired singer went on stage, followed by her band and opened the concert with a moving and touching version of 'I can't take my eyes off of you'. Despite the slower rhythms of the song the excited audience responded with great applause, realising that Sarah Jane was at her best, ready to surprise them. Song after song, the audience became more and more excited and was captured by different rhythms, styles and genres, the Blues, Jazz and Pop sonority, but above all by the wonderful voice and presence of Sarah Jane. Her tangible charisma was overwhelming and her genuine power conquered and gradually charged the audience after each performance.

In addition to the original tracks, some new arrangements and classic songs were performed such as the famous and sensual version of 'Piece of my heart' by Janis Joplin and the latest 'Toxic' by Britney Spears, without the modern and commercial format, and revalued by an amazing vocal and musical interpretation. Amongst the songs, the famous 'Don't leave me this way' with the audience who had, at that point, left their seats to dance and sing in front of the stage. It was impossible to distract the attention from Sarah Jane who, in her long purple dress, conveyed an enthralling positive energy with her voice and innate charisma.

A sophisticated woman who after the concert, with a smile on her face, confided: 'I feel exhausted! But it was lovely... and above all, I had a great band with me!' and what's more? The percussionist has played with all of us separately, but this evening it is his first date with this line up!'
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